Toronto Aikido Center, aka Shunpukan Dojo has been serving the Toronto area for over20 years in the same location! Feel free to visit us today!


Upcoming Events.

Shin Boku Kai
Friendship Night
Friday June  30th

$15.00 for Sushi, Pizza,
Wine and Beer.


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$195.00 for three months,
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Updated: June 2018


Dojo BBQ postponed
till July.
Details to Follow.

Toronto Aikido


Welcome to Toronto Aikido Center a martial arts school for everyone. We offer classes for all ages from five - sixty-five+. It is especially effective for smaller people, women and children, but enjoyable for all.

We are a traditional martial arts school, offering instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido.

Aikido is a very powerful Japanese martial art that is uses posture, timing and body movement to disarm or disable an attacker. It is non-competitive and non-aggressive. It redirects an aggressor’s force with well-timed, flowing, circular movements that lead an attacker off their center of balance. Rather than relying on strength or muscle, the attacker’s own motions and momentum are utilized to compromise their balance and stability. Once they are off-balance they are subdued or dispensed with by using any of a large variety of joint locks, pins or throws


Join Us

Alan Shumak Sensei, Chief Instructor, is dedicated to providing world class Aikido training, helping you build a strong mind and body. And at the same time, learn powerful defensive techniques in a strictly focused, supportive and friendly environment.

To help you decide if Yoshinkan Aikido is for you, browse through our website for more information. We are always happy to invite you and show you around our dojo. Contact us before you come in and arrange your free introduction to aikido so that we can set aside some time to talk with you and answer all your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your martial arts journey.


Try Us

Who says nothing in life is free. Although it will just provide you with a small taste of what we have to offer, we invite you and/or your children, to try a free trial class. We will introduce you to our dojo's methods, ideas and techniques, all in a friendly, enjoyable, yet focused atmosphere.

Complete the form found here for your free trial class. For a list of class times, please click here.


Today's Youth

Todays youth are especially gifted in technology use. Hand held games, computers, smart phones! All these have led them to become easily entertained, yet lacking physical and mental growth. More and more people are turning to Martial Arts to fill the void.

We harness the energy they have, channel it into productive learning experiences, and teach them how to handle life's crises. Whether it is self defence, concentrating on school work, or just getting along with others, our students grow and develop in many many area's.


We look forward to meeting with you!


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