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We are the ongoing development  oan Aikido starting from the early roots under Morihei Ueshiba,and his student Gozo Shioda. Mits Karasawa Sensei developed his Aikido with a balance and strength drawing from both.



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Sunday Nov. 19th
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About Us

The history to be traced for Aikido and the Toronto Aikido Centre is a long one. Rather than re-write what has been posted all over the internet, below are links which will provide a synopsis of Aikido History, and how the current Toronto Aikido Centre came to be.


In the Beginning - Aikido:

Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba, was born in Japan on December 14, 1883. As a boy, he often saw local

Yoshinkan Aikido  - The Growing Years:

The Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation was founded in 1955 by Gozo Shioda Sensei.
Shioda Sensei's style of Aikido is known as Yoshinkan, a name that he inherited from his father

Seimeikan Aikido - The Developing Years:

Established in 1985 as a member of the International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation. Seimeikan's Head Instructor was Mitsugoro Karasawa


Toronto Aikido (Shunpukan)- The Developing Years:

Unfortunately in 2003 Karasawa Sensei decided he wished to retire. Plans were made to close the Seimeikan Dojo. The student body was looking eager to continue the same level and style of training as before.


Our Sensei's


personel bio pic Alan Shumak Sensei(Chief Instructor):
Alan Sensei started Aikido in 1991 with Karasawa Sensei in Scarborough. He achieved his 6th Dan in January 2016. He was the initial instructor for youth classes in the dojo. He remains as the longest training, active student of Karasawa Sensei. In 2003, he took over the daily management of the dojo with the support of Sensei and the senior student body. Alan Sensei serves as the main instructor at the Toronto Aikido Centre, and is present for almost all classes. He has also been active in the past as a Scout Leader, and coached Youth Softball, in addition to running the dojo.




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